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What makes SWITCH different from any other vaporizer?
HTT sponsors by sponsors February 19, 2010

At first glance, Drs. The dabber switch may sound a bit intimidating, but the capacity packed inside this “smart” rig is undeniable. Since its launch in June of 2018, SWITCH has increasingly grown to Dr. Dabur has become one of the best-selling products, earning countless degrees from major outlets such as Digital Trends and High Times, among many others. There is no other vaporizer exactly like SWITCH which is present in the market for many reasons.

Dr. in SWITCH. There is an Origin design manufactured by Dabbar, which means that most of the components are exclusively Drs. Made for dubber purposes. Although the mechanical design of the SWITCH is simple, the electronic ‘brain’ that controls the device is an incredibly customizable piece of technology. In total, there are 146 electrical components that go into the induction building, not including the induction coil, but they all work together to give the user the simplest, straightest vapor on the market.


All electronics in the SWITCH are sealed with a heating element, so when it comes to using the device, you only need to worry about one component: your induction cup. Take it out of the device, load it with the Concentrate or Herb of your choice, put it back in the device, and press the button.) It’s really simple. Sure, the SWITCH has an advanced mode with 25 different heat settings, but once asked about your heat setting, the SWITCH becomes a Sigal Button device.

Dr. Dabber designed SWITCH to be finalized. No expense was incurred in the research, development and manufacture of SWITCH as the company evaporating continued its endless quest to perfect evaporation.

Crushing industry standard
Dr. Jamie Rosen, CEO of Dabur, says, “As with all research and development, we learn new things as we develop our products. Since SWCHCH is such a unique product and sometimes unlike anything else, we’ve Much has been learned throughout its development. “Perhaps the most exciting and ambitious knowledge Dabur gained over the course of three years was the incredible efficiency it took to develop SWITCH. Which provides the user does, may have been used for oil or flowers. .

Dr. Dabbar chose induction heating for SWITCH because it was the only plausible way to seal electronics from the heating element. To make the evaporation manufacturer that is going into the final years of daily use, the vapor-making company needed to do so, and induction heating – the use of magnetic energy for heat transfer – was the best way to go about it. . Dr. Dabber believes that at the time, there were other major benefits that would come from the use of induction heating.

The first and most obvious benefit is ridiculous battery life – 150 uses on a single charge with a removable battery that takes less than 90 minutes to charge, setting a new standard for customer expectations. By comparison, Drs. Dabur Boost: Black Edition, the very first earring with water filtration on the market, conforms to industry standards, lasting between 20-30 uses on one charge.

The second undiscovered advantage was an incredible 4-5 second heat time. Referring to Boost: Black Edition, which takes about 20–30 seconds to warm up (again, industry standard), it is clear that SWITCH is capable of providing convenience at a completely different level.

The final and most important benefit that induction heating provided was a change in the efficacy of the original product used with the device, whether it was oil or flower.

To achieve successful induction heating, Drs. Dabber had to set the induction cup down the airflow route to allow storage by adding oxygen to the heating equation. This was done with the intention of allowing the oil to vaporize in the induction cup without being disturbed by the oxygen introduced through the carb cap. Dr. Dabbar later realized a combination of desired temperatures in less than five seconds and an incredibly competitive vapor would be hit due to a hot atmosphere without oxygen. Rosen noted, “We have received a large amount of feedback from our customers to tell us how effective SWITCH is, they have cut product volumes by up to 70%.” If SWITCH is more effective with every hit, it means that fewer hits are necessary and more money is gone immediately.

Dr. in a no-oxygen atmosphere. Dabbar was introduced as a new boundary of evaporation of flowers. Prior to SWITCH, the best herbivores on the market used forced air to heat the flower, pushing hot oxygen through the flower into vapor. The basic issue with this method is that you can only reach it with the compulsory air method at a certain temperature before evaporation. This is because oxygen download is f