Ganja is a narcotic derived from a plant called Cannabis sativa Linn. It is a plant of the Cannabvady community of the Moreaceae family. It is a native of Central Asia, but is found in many regions of the temperate and tropical regions in self-cultivated or agrarian forms. Seeds are sown in India during the rainy season. The shape of the hemp is usually acingal, monocular and mostly four to eight feet high. Its scars are straight and angled, the leaves incisive, divided into three to eight leaflets, the floral cymbals, the male wreaths long, hanging down, and the queen crescent having short, spiky charges. The fruit is roundish and seed-like for rounding. Plants are odorous, covered with soil moisture and are slightly sticky due to resin secretion.

From cannabis plants, cannabis, weed and hemp, these intoxicating and medicinal materials and fruits, seedtails and hemp (flax-like fiber), these industrial substances, are obtained.