Common uses of marijuana in day to day life

Pot lovers used marijuana in various way some of them are mentioned in this article –


Joint are used by pot lovers and most common as well as Compaq way of consuming marijuna It can be rolled in ocb paper or filter paper like ciggrate and uses as smoking purpose.


Bong Is a next level of equipment that can be used for consuming cannabis in which pipe and bottle are connected with water level to get clear and strong smoke and it can be easily available in your local market for 10 bucks.


Chillam is a best and most oldest tradition for consuming pot in which mud or wood pipe is used for suction and most common way mainly in india for consuming cannabis.


In late 20 century vaporizer are used as consuming cannabis that can be operated electrically and so called as most safest way of consuming marijuana and haven’t treated our smoke pipe up-to the mark.

Many others way of consuming marijuana but all of these are most common one that can help to become high high and peace for port lovers