Importance of marijuana

From earlier 700 Bc marijuana , ganja or cannabis has its own importance from medical to the spirituality that can be mentioned in rigveda.

Rigveda is also the Vedas of medicine that can deals with various diseases by the help of cannabis and explained later on in 20 that century.

In 20 century marijuana is mainly called as pain killers and used in many pain killing drugs that can be sold out in market as well as hemp oil and many of the hemp products.

Marijuana reduces the excitement level of new pot lovers and also have various negative consequences such as anxiety and laziness.

The main component of marijuana are THC that can be mix with our blood and help in to reduce our water level I’m body but drugs test can be captured by marijuana or cannabis lovers.

In many parts of world marijuana is strictly prohibited but in many states it is legalized to consumer used as 10 grm per person.