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Cannabis Strain Name Inspire Animated Series “Nag Nation”
By aj Herrington December 9, 2019 Entertainment
Cannabis Strain Name Inspire Animated Series “Nag Nation”
Importance in a name? If talking about cannabis strain names, the answer is a lot of inspiration. At least the way the producer of the animated series Nuga Nation, Mickey Peterson of Denver, looks at things anyway.

Peterson, a once-in-a-lifetime animation, had been producing film and video for 20 years, when he decided it was time to transition from creating mundane projects for corporate clients. He saw an opportunity to do something new with the legalization of cannabis.


“Once recreational marijuana had passed in Colorado, I decided to start my own creative agency to do cool creative concepts towards the industry because I was looking at anything like that at the time,” he told The High Times Explains in a phone interview with.

The new agency, NougLife LLC, first focused on cannabis content, including videos about farming and infused cooking. Peterson then had an idea for Nag Nation, a stop-motion animated series that brings the world of cannabis to life with characters based on the names of marijuana strains. Peterson says he realized in 2015 that pot varietals, such as Alaska Thunderfuck, were too much fodder for imagination in the name of others.

“The way people are naming these strains lends itself to the characters,” he says.

Peterson spent nine months producing the Nag Nation video, using facial features made of clay attached to the real buds of the weed to create an animated character. After the video was released in April 2016, he realized that the positive feedback the pilot received showed that he was on to something exciting.

“We gave up what we were doing and went full time in animation,” Peterson recalls.

Nug Nation has evolved into a series of digital shorts featuring the voiceover talent of celebrities including Redman, Nappy Roots, Afroman and Billy Ray Cyrus. The series revolves around the hilarious adventures of the residents of Nougwil, all based on tense names. Considering Aphid (Opium Hays), Diesel (Sour Diesel), Cookie (Girl Scout Cookies), and Daddy (Grand Daddy Purple) and made from real weed. TV anchor Bong Burgundy goes on a rampage every day in the drama.

Love hard
Taking two to three days to create, each character is created with a ball-socket skeleton called an armature that facilitates movement. The armature is surrounded by a 3D-printed shell covered with real hemp before being prepared for its part.

Each episode requires a month-long process of scripting, voice-over, storyboarding, set design, and character-building before the tedious process of stop-motion animation begins. Thousands of different photographs are shot for each scene, with characters only slightly shifted between each frame. After the photos are shot, it is probably still post-production work, including matching the motion and adding music and sound effects before the project is completed.

In addition to being engaging entertainment, Nag Nation offers cannabis brands the opportunity to reach consumers in a novel way. The cannabis industry has largely grown out of traditional advertising media due to regulations and continued stigma, giving animated entertainment companies a new opportunity for exposure through social media. Peterson is currently developing a project with rolling paper maker Hampair which features additions rather than nuggets as the main characters. An educational series called Hemp 101, the show will be launched in the next month.

Nug Nation videos are available on the participant website and YouTube channel, and Peterson has also made his sights on streaming services and other occasions.

“Peter always discussed plans to do bigger and better,” Peterson says confidently.

AJ Herrington
AJ Herrington
AJ Herrington is a San Diego-based writer and photographer covering cannabis and the environment.

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